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Equine Radiology & Lameness

We offer digital radiology both in-clinic and through our ambulatory service at the comfort of your own home. With digital radiology, there is no need to wait for a film to develop. Within seconds, the highly detailed radiograph will appear on our computer screen, allowing your veterinarian to swiftly and efficiently diagnose your horse, whether the issue at hand be a broken bone, part of a lameness exam, or a foreign object.

We are well equipped to help ensure your horse is performing to his or her best potential and diagnose lameness issues that may be decreasing performance. Digital radiography, ultrasound, joint injections and laser therapy are all available. Advanced lameness diagnostics including nerve blocks are offered to determine the cause of your horse’s lameness and initiate a treatment plan to get them back to performing at their optimum level.

 hores front right  leg xray
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